Sourcing your food

Are you making an effort to find out where your food comes from? Is the grocery store around the corner your “reference” for sustainable and healthy choices? Do you believe those who are selling you food when they say it’s good for you? It’s time to wake up and start looking into where that food is coming from.

Small questions like “is this fish almost extinct?” can add up to cumulative economic choices which will influence changes in the commerce of food. Greenpeace has researched the fishing and processing practices behin canned fish giant CloverLeaf and found an extreme disregard for sustainable fishing practices and much waste in their catching and processing practices – waste of other vulnerable species along with the at-risk tuna.

Check out the article HERE and start asking questions at your grocery store. Your interest and your dollar are the driving forces that will help produce positive change. Be the change you wish to see. (Credits to Greenpeace for the image)

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