The Good Life?

In a recent blog post Dr Yoni Freedhoff, family doctor and bariatric specialist talks about what he calls the “Good-Life Syndrome” of many of his clients; the desire to “enjoy the good life” and the associated heavy meals, alcohol and travel.

Dr Freedhoff’s post got me thinking. I believe that each of us should spend some time and examine what constitutes “the good life” for us. Greek philosophers spent years investigating this question in their quest to live well, yet we are happy to let marketers tell us what it should mean to live well. Hallmarks of the marketing ideal of the “good-life” are spending more money (because they are always selling you something), eating more and doing less. Following this trajectory will bring us closer to the nightmarish vision of the future portrayed in the Pixar’s animated feature film WALL-E, were monstrous blobs of flesh are hauled around on personalized floating lounge-sofas so they never have to leave the mind-numbing “gavage” of marketing messages and junk food fed to them by the sofa’s integrated screens and accessories.

If slowly poisoning ourselves is the “good life”, we will not feel good for long. Let’s get back in touch with a lifestyle that truly makes us feel better – not what industry makes us believe is the fat-cat luxury life we supposedly “deserve”. If we swallow that clap-trap we will truly get what we deserve in the end – all we will be able to do is eat, drink and watch TV because we will be too out of shape to do anything else.

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