Keto-style cacao-coconut bars

Here’s a little recipe that I came up with in order to get more fat into my diet in a way that was both palatable and nourishing. These bars get about 95% (or more) of their food energy from a �

HRH Prince Charles on the Future of Food

In May 2011, His Royal Highness Prince Charles addressed Georgetown University on his vision of the Future of Food. His comments have been published as a book, now available from major booksellers. Though he does not see much positive in �

Research, meat and death….

This past week, another research pap are has been published linking the consumption of red meat to premature mortality. In the study published in Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers Pan, Sun et al correlate the consumption of red meat �

Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone, Public Servants and Trust

Call me idealist, but I give our elected officials and public servants the befit of the doubt – that they are acting in our best interests to the best of their (sometimes limited) knowledge. This interview both confirms and explodes �

Monster food prices cometh

Thomas Malthus (1766–1834) was a political economist whose theories influenced much political and economic thought in the years surrounding and following their publication. One of his most catastrophic predictions, the Malthusian theory of population (also called the Malthusian catastrophe or �

Sourcing your food

Are you making an effort to find out where your food comes from? Is the grocery store around the corner your “reference” for sustainable and healthy choices? Do you believe those who are selling you food when they say it’s �

Soil health

In a March 25 2011 article for Grist online magazine (, Tom Philpott writes on the research results coming out from Pensilvania’s Rodale Institute’s ongoing Farming Systems Trial. At 27 years and running, Rodale calls this trial “America’s longest running �

Marketing and the food environment

The food industry argues that personal responsibility (not the food environment, marketing or crappy food quality) is the problem causing obesity. In the words of Kelly Brownell, Director of Yale’s center for Eating and Weight Disorders; “The argument cannot be �

Watch out kids! Marketing ahead!

Are they serious? Just came across the NabiscoWorld website and this is the (in tiny print) message at the bottom of the page:

“Hi kids, when you see “Ad Break” it means you are viewing a commercial message designed to


The Good Life?

In a recent blog post Dr Yoni Freedhoff, family doctor and bariatric specialist talks about what he calls the “Good-Life Syndrome” of many of his clients; the desire to “enjoy the good life” and the associated heavy meals, alcohol and �