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Sébastien Boucher is a specialist in physcial conditionning and performance with more than 20 years experience in the field. He has studied and collaborated with renowned specialists and has produced remarkable results with his clients and athletes. The variety and depth of his knowledge and coaching skills have made him a sought after resource in sports training and nutrition.

As a fitness and performance specialist, Sébastien holds a B. Sc. in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University’s School of Health and Human Performance. While studying for his degree he served Dalhousie’s Varsity Swimming team as strength coach, helping them achieve three consecutive record-breaking seasons in the pool.

From 1998 through the 2000-2001 season, while Sebastien was the strength coach, the Dalhousie Tigers Varsity Swim team produced three AUAA men’s championships, two AUAA women’s championships as well as record numbers of all-time top 10 Dalhousie University records and personal bests.

This commitment to excellence and top performance was also demonstrated at McGill University. There, Sébastien was McGill University Swimming Team’s head strength coach from 1996-97 and 2003-2005. Again he helped many of the athletes achieve personal best performances, including several team and conference records, CIS medals and men’s and ladies’ conference championships.

Working to inspire others to achieve their best requires that Sébastien stay current with new developments in sports science. Sébastien has studied extensively with world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin (CAN), participated in intensive workshops with Australia’s “coach of coaches” Ian King (AUS) and gained knowledge and experience studying with ever controversial and insightful Paul Chek (USA) in his High Performance Exercise Kinesiology program. He has also coordinated workshops and conferences with internationally recognized posture and flexibility specialist Kit Laughlin (AUS) and performance nutrition expert Dr Eric Serrano (USA).

The Bat Cave – High Performance Sports Lab

Since the summer of 2004, Sébastien has aligned himself with Yannik Morin, and Hugo LeBire as a part of the physical preparation team at The Bat Cave – High Performance Sports Laboratory. The Bat Cave team works with outstanding young elite skiers, bodybuilders, cyclists, speed skates and a range of other athletes.
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Phoenix Transformations – Fitness Consulting

Phoenix Transformations, Sébastien’s successful fitness and athletic performance consulting company, has been a successful 12-year adventure. Through it he has been able to work with high-calibre international competitors in several sports, including Ironjack competitions, and sprint kayak. Increasingly his expertise is sought by individuals, insurance companies and government agencies to assist in the rehabilitation process for particular patients.

As part of the activities of Phoenix Transformations Fitness Consulting, Sebastien organized, promoted and presented several conferences and workshops on topics ranging from fields of flexibility, strength training, to exercise physiology and nutrition.

One of his primary concerns is nutrition, which has led him to look intently at food chemistry, sustainable and ethical food production and preparation methods. Sébastien guides his clients in developing new healthy long-term nutrition programs and he has taught practical cooking and nutrition classes for athletes. At its core is a vertically integrated approach to nutrition (from physiology, through food and nutrition science to ethical food production) that is guiding much of the work of the Bat Cave in addressing their clients’ needs in a comprehensive, holistic manner.

Within the elite Bat Cave physical preparation team, Sébastien has become recognised as an authority on the training of flexibility, for athletes and non-athletes alike. His dynamic and holistic approach to flexibility has helped many athletes and clients to overcome performance limitations and recover from injury. His understanding of the mechanical relationships between soft tissues of the body lead to an application of flexibility training which adapts to the needs of individual athletes and clients at different phases of their training. This approach integrates fascial, neural and muscular components into a holistic approach which gives individuals an increased awareness of their body as well as long-lasting results.

In late 2007, Roche Diagnostics (Canada) hired Sebastien as part of an Accu-Chek awareness program for Canadians with diabetes. He was both a consultant and bilingual on-camera coach for a fitness and training multimedia product specifically addressing the needs of people with diabetes. This DVD is now available as part of a cross-country holistic wellness-program for the users of Roche Diagnostics’ Accu-Chek blood glucose monitoring system. This project has led to several speaking engagements for Accu-Chek as well as other associations interested in helping people living with diabetes.