What is RadicalEating?

Develop a stronger, more harmonious relationship with the food that nourishes your body and soul. RadicalEating will not only change the way you look at food, it may even influence the food habits of those around you. Through RadicalEating, you can become an agent of positive change – a pebble that creates an expanding ripple in the pond.

What is nutrition?

Nutrition can be defined as the scientific study of food and nourishment, including food composition, dietary guidelines, and the roles that various nutrients have in maintaining health.

RadicalEating is not a nutrition course

I will not teach you how many calories are in an apple, what your daily requirement is for calcium, how much magnesium is needed to increase muscle mass or what types of anti-oxidants will protect you from lung cancer. Traditional western medicine, science and nutrition have since the 1800′s been focussed on attributing physiological functions to individual components of food. From the discovery of proteins to the modern anti-oxidants, co-enzymes and ORAC scores, eating well has become an exercise in advanced mathematics. I will not tell participants what to eat or not to eat, and I will not break down foods into component nutritional parts. My goal with RadicalEating is to bring eating back down to a human scale, to help you make smart food choices that you can live with and that will enhance your well-being.

I have worked for many years as a personal trainer, strength coach for athletes, and nutritional counsellor. In those years, I have tried innumerable different methods to help athletes and clients lose weight, eat better and stay healthy.

Though traditional diet and nutritional approaches produced decent and sometimes exceptional short-term results, they failed miserably in the long term. We found that the diet approach to food did not fix the eating patterns which lead these clients to need nutritional help in the first place. So for some people starts a vicious cycle of diet, lose weight, eat “normally,” gain weight, repeat…For many people such cycles result in overwhelming guilt and feelings of inadequacy when the face their inability to maintain such a strict “diet” lifestyle.

In an effort to break these cycles and help you develop better long-term eating habits – I designed a new 7 part eating workshop called RadicalEating.

RadicalEating is an in-depth exploration of eating.

Together we will examine the many relationships we have with food. We will look into the way our physiology affects what we eat and how what we eat affects our physiology. Our workshops will scrutinize how food affects our brain and how we can train our brain to influence our food choices.

Have you ever wondered why you have to fight against yourself to make food choices that you know are the right ones?

As a group, we will explore how your emotions become linked with the foods you eat and how these emotions can trick you into making irrational food choices. You will learn how to recognize these tricks and avoid them.

Our interactive workshops will take us through the maze of marketing and economic forces which shape our food landscape. You will become a more conscious consumer, understanding the real meaning behind the gibberish on food labels. We will aim to make your food decisions simple and transparent – no more confusion.

Are you worried about how your food choices affect your environment?

Is there anything that you can do to make a difference? Are these changes difficult? Painful? Far from it! Our interactive seminars will show you how you can reduce your carbon footprint, become a responsible eater – and enjoy the process.

Will you have to leave the city, stop washing, and move out to a hippie commune to accomplish all these things? (Only if you want to…) We will not only find out how to modify our food habits in the isolated, controlled environment of our homes, we will master skills to help us make good food decisions in restaurants and when attending social events.

These workshops will help you develop a stronger, more harmonious relationship with the food that nourishes your body and soul. Your new outlook will not only change the way you look at food, it may even influence the food habits of those around you. You can become an agent of positive change – a pebble that creates an expanding ripple in the pond.

The course consists of seven 2-hour classes on separate, but interconnected themes, with some exploratory assignments to help you really integrate the concepts into your lifestyle.

You will no longer be a victim of your food environment, but rather the captain of your destiny…

Who should take this workshop?

RadicalEating is born of the work that my colleges and I at The Bat Cave have undertaken with athletes and non=athletes. That being said – this course is designed for one group of people – those who EAT (and who care about what they eat). RadicalEating has been put together to cut through the maze of information surrounding healthy eating. Whether you are an elite athlete or a sedentary office worker, if you are wondering what it takes to eat well – you will benefit from this workshop. The only pre-requisites are curiosity and an open mind.

Will RadicalEating improve my health?

During the seven workshops of RadicalEating, we explore the definition of health as it is presented by western medicine as well as the definitions presented in other cultures and medical traditions. The lessons in the workshops parallel healthy eating recommendations from western and other medical traditions. If you decide to implement the teachings of the workshops into your lifestyle, it is probably that you will obtain a positive impact on those markers of health as defined by western medicine, however the primary objective of RadicalEating is to help you understand the basic logic and consequences of your food decisions so you can better align your actions with your personal beliefs and improve your overall well-being.

Why limit the size of the groups?

I have decided to limit the size of groups to optimize the learning experience of the participants. In the small group, your will have more opportunities to ask questions, to delve more deepl

y into subjects of interest and to share your experiences with fellow participants. During the the workshops, you will have the opportunity to visit local food markets and try your hand at some of our interactive food experiments.

What will be the subjects of the workshops?

Since food is such an important part of our lives and our society, the seven workshops deal with such varied subject matter as food ecology, neuroplasticity, hormones and physiology, human behaviour and psychology, behavioural economics, food politics, cooking and food chemistry. If you find this list overwhelming – don’t be afraid; even if we deal with complex subject matter, you won’t need a university degree to understand. We’ll talk down to earth, with normal non-technical language and easy to understand examples.

however, if you find that the workshop subjects are very different of your notions of a nutrition course, that’s because they are! Together we will explore the relationships between your body, your environment and your food choices. Armed with this new knowledge, you will better be able to face the hundreds of food choices that you make everyday.